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Fenrir M. Foxworthy
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Vulpine Therian and Proud Furry

Wildlife Biology Major

Fantasy World Builder/Collaborator

Roman/Medieval Fanatic

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Supporter of Wildlife/Range Conservation and Preservation

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Oooohh! Tagged!

Thanks to the amazing Fealoki
I get to answer some questions!

1. If you had the power to change one societal trend, what would it be?
 Humanity's general apathy for the environment. Every time world leaders get together to discuss climate change, it's like playing lip-service to environmentalists: almost all international resolutions are weak, allowing for easy exploitation of loopholes and allowing any nation to really ignore the resolutions and continue their industrialist rampage *cough* cap and trade *cough*

2. What animal species would you love to see evolve into an advanced society?
 Heh, foxes! One of my greatest wishes is that genetic engineering will be able to augment other species with humanesque intelligence. Add a dash of science, sprinkle on ambitions and equality ideals, mix in a few ounces GTFO for established "morality" issues. Take time to pick out PETA members from the dough. Liberally apply Mad Scientists for extra flavor and bake for, oh, say 60 years. DONE!

3. You have a long, arduous initiation trial ahead of you, during which you will have to survive alone for many days in savage, unexplored territory.
The village shaman has presented you with a choice of three powerful objects to include with your meager supplies:
:lozfairyocarina:  a) A hunting whistle, also used to summon strong wind, rain and dense cloud cover;
:flame: revamp  b) A sturdy ember-carrier, containing live hot coals from the sacred firepit; or
:lozmastersword: c) A short but deadly sharp ceremonial spear, able to both invoke spirits and ward them off.
Which do you choose and why?
Depends on circumstances, really. A if I'm in a desert or have a possibility of dehydration. B if I'm in an arctic environment. C- I don't believe in "spirits" good or evil, so that can be ignored. Option A seems more interesting actually.

4. Do you have a 'quiet place' that you imagine yourself in to relax and calm down?
If so, what is this refuge like?
Thistledown and all the other worlds I come up with in my day dreams. World building and all that really is so relaxing, I do it every night. If you meant a tangible place....uh, the bathroom.

5. What was most recent film you watched that you just couldn't stop thinking about, for better or for worse?
Hmmm... *insert standard awesome Zootopia comment here*
Other than that, Blade Runner, Oblivion and similar movies are really interesting and thought provoking.

6. You have a new home, and you have an extra room to use for whatever you might want.
What do you use this new ideal space for?
Ooooh! Space. Space? Space! Wow, having lived most of my life in a 7.5 ft by 7.5 ft box, that be really cool to actually have... SPACE!
Getting back to the question: either A- an awesome indoor area for a dog. B- an awesome indoor area for artwork. C- an awesome indoor area for hanging my artwork.
(Unfortunately also requires time to do....)

7. Your dog has spontaneously learned to speak. He tells you that his one wish is to go to Spain and run with the bulls because, well, he's a dog and it sounds super exciting.
You kindly sit him down on the sofa to talk this request through- what do you say to him?

8. If you could live in any location, in any structure, across all space and time,
where, when and in what would you live?
Although I think there is really something to be said for the ultra modern scifi feel of buildings similar to the outposts in the movie Oblivion (Really kinda sounds like No Man's Sky!) I would prefer a very secluded, very rustic wood and stone bungalow in the Deep Woods, somewhere that the raw energy of nature can seep into the soul.


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